Easy guide

Shopping for food

Shopping in Filicudi is not exactly rewarding. High prices and poor selection. Notwithstanding that fruits and vegetables are top quality.

* The Putia. In the middle of the promenade of Porto Filicudi small Tobacconist / supermarket rather provided. Also sells cold cuts, and is the only place on the island that sells tobacco.
* Minimarket. At the end of the promenade of the Port, across from the pier, there is a supermarket. Good choice and also makes sandwiches to take to the boat.
* From Rosetta. A small supermarket fruits and vegetables Pecorini Sea. A narrower range, but it seemed more economical than others.
* From Gino. The only butcher Filicudi in the heart of Rock of Ciavola. Gino is primarily a butcher, but also a small supermarket (modest by choice).
* Fish Samuel the fisherman when there you will find the port by boat blue and red. Recognize it because it is the archetype of the fisherman: a big man, six feet thick eyebrows and blue eyes like the sea. Aeolian knows better than anyone else and was the star of a thousand adventures. His vessel was the nice girl from a German subsidiary of the flowers that fell in love ‘with him over 70 years. Her name was Bernadette, and today you can still read the name, faded on the side of the boat. Do not miss out completely if there are shrimp pot be eaten raw, just with a little ‘lemon.
* DIY shop in Valley Church. Not always open, this shop of the past offers, who discovers, delicious homemade products: royal jelly from the cucunci salt. Look for dirt road on your right just before the Church of Valley Church.
* The Villa Rosa. Finally Villa Rose, by day, offers some food. Very poor choice.

Where to rent scooters, boats and canoes

The ‘rent means Filicudi is not particularly cheap, I would say quite expensive. Although a number of years with the increase in the supply prices were slightly adjusted in each case the off-season (June, 1 / 2 July, September) around half the cost. Try to deal a bit, and obviously if you take several days to a targeted package.

* Dolphins Nino Terrano. The marina ‘Dolphins’ is next to the Rosetta all’alimentari Pecorini a Mare, the first of the house just before the workshop. However you can just ask. Here you can arrange diving, rent mopeds, boats, buoys for those coming by boat and canoe. Friendly service. Petrol included – Phone (39) 090 9889 077 – Mobile (39) 340 645 1484
* Marco Polo Nautical Center. Pecorini Sea lies next to the restaurant La Sirena. Here you can find boats, motors and canoes.
* Center of Boat Harbour. At the port you can find, among the Putia Minimarket and a water sports center which specializes in inflatable boats, boats and motorcycles – Phone (39) 090 9889 984
* If you do not find scooters available you can ask around Eugene Sciacchitano, he also owns a small fleet of mopeds for hire.


Essentially there are three clothing stores / items to Filicudi.

* The Hold. At Filicudi Port sells sophisticated clothes, hats, jewelry, etc..
The * Flax, two steps in the East. Boutique historical Pecorini Sea offering costumes and ornaments of Indonesian origin.
* Daniela Fadda. Small boutique Pecorini sea, next to the restaurant La Sirena. Proposes costumes and sarongs original production, pretty much.

Cash machine

The only ATM is located in the courtyard of the restaurant and bar in the port by Nino. is often discarded and not let us rely on. We recommend to bring cash needed to stay. Although almost all refreshed accept debit cards.


There is no point Wi-Fi on the island and therefore access to the web is difficult. If there is essential to use USB sticks, operators Vodafone and Wind (Three and Tim do not take), but navigation will be more often than in GPRS and consequently particolrmanete slow.

For any medical problem you can go to the doctor on duty Filicudi, which is on Guard, a few meters from the Villa Rosa. It may be fine for small problems but for things you have to go to the hospital series of Lipari – Phone (39) 090 9889 691

The Police Station is Canal, but in summer it is likely that you see them after a few corners to chase some tourists without a helmet – Phone (39) 090 9889 942
Post Office

The Post Office Filicudi Pecorini Church in the district, worth a visit. Time passes slowly and the center of the room stands an old mill and some properties of the ancient farmers of the island. A little poem – Phone (39) 090 9889 053
Ticket Siremar

On the waterfront of the port, near the pier where ferries and hydrofoils. You can buy tickets earlier. Indeed, it is recommended: for some reason they cost less! – Phone (39) 090 9889 975