About Us

Filicudi resort will be the reference point for those wishing to truly enter into the soul of the beautiful island of Filicudi. The goal and create a network of homes where a wire is visible pipeline of passion and respect for this wonderful rock sperduto.Le homes are carefully selected and we are adding new hard because of this. Filicudi resort is not only homes but also means meetings, sea food and especially good with a contact who knows the island very well for decades. As a guest villas in the network gets the automatic membership Filicudi Yachting club, where you can meet people, drinking, eating and discovering new things on this island of enchantment. Our house is ideal Zucco Grande: eco-friendly, full of charm and love and the ideal platform to discover sides of ourselves we did not know existed. We greet you thanking you for your interest in this beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean Filicudi.